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the pig still has wind… article from Sept/Oct issue

So, not ground breaking, but nice, simple approach for a coffee table. I’d been scoping out this slab of walnut for a couple months at Woodcraft and finally got the go-ahead from my client (from upper left to lower right) after working up a quick sketch… before sanding, I filled the larger cracks & voids with a 5 minute two-part epoxy mixed with dry coffee grounds. Then, sanded the slab down with 60grit, 100/150, and finally 220 for finish. After tack cloth clean up-two coats of low luster tung oil. The set of four, 16″ two hair-pin legs were ordered from Modern Urban Metals, which are fabricated in Grandville, MI. Delivered to a happy customer and friend.

consol3console2console4LTRIAN01LQcabinet09 cabinet08 cabinet07 cabinet06a cabinet06 cabinet05 cabinet03 cabinet02ltriancoff2bOur client wanted a ‘hanging’ cabinet for his older tube amps, reel-to-reel, turntable and some selected vinyl records. After many drawings and composite illustrations applying reclaimed barnwood, we came upon a source in Marne, MI… Ghostwood, Bannack Brown.

The frame was fabricated by Scott Graham.

ErntezeitHARV3OctoberFest re-brand for Schmohz Brewery

lTraincomp2 lTraincomp3 lTraincomp41″ angle iron with reclaimed barnwood hanging console


img_20160701_194935698cedarshelfbenchHF01bench1A bench2A