ArtPrize 2011

In Crush at the B.O.B.  Unfinished Paintings, Progression of Movement: Acrylics on canvas, Black & White Contact sheet, Colored Pencils on board.

I wanted to show some other facets of my background in art and design. I have a BFA in Illustration from Kendall and have been working as an animator or motion graphics designer, as it is called in the industry these days, for almost 25 years. The piece I’ve installed for Artprize shows a storyboard or a sequence of events that tell a short story of how pigeons, during the winter, will congregate on open chimneys for warmth… and will take to the wind in groups if/when startled. The black & white contact sheets represents the reference for the painting and the pencil study was a quick drawing to show the brick texture and color. I’ve called the painting “unfinished” because there are parts of the study that remain partially rendered… there is a certain fluidity in the representation of the bird studies that I wanted to retain in the overall immediacy of the brush work… without overworking the piece. Which is why I like to work with wet media such as acrylics and watercolors.

below:photo of me, my mum & da

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