My great grandfather’s hand tools

greatgptoolsI’ve been doing more and more with woodworking and to find and save some of my great-grandfathers hand tools was a bonus. These were in my fathers basement and a few of them had price tags from a long ago garage sale in Manistee, MI… luckily, they weren’t picked up! The scribe was the only tool I had to have explained.

Carp Lake Weevils

Our lake house is on a small lake about 7 miles due south of the bridge… like many lakes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, we have an invasive weed called eruasian milfoil. The locals have used an insect called the Milfoil Weevil to suppress this aggressive weed. So, I designed a baseball themed logo.Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 11.50.09 AM

Production Work end-of-year

some production stills from Gorilla, GFS and Meijer. Meijer stadium set was designed and built by Dean Horn’s team and delivered to the Meijer media site for stop-motion production. DP, J.Jordan. The GFS piece was also filmed time-lapse on a motion controlled rig with Nikon glass. DP, M.Kausch